Multiple Rivet Production Tooling

Marshall Sales, Inc. services what we sell, with both on-site and in-house repairs. We provide rivet fixtures and multi-rivet fixtures designed per customer specifications. Let us review your current operation and suggest low cost alternatives to improve your production. Also, we are a licensed POP Brand Riveter Repair Center.


  • Increased production

  • Reduced production cost

  • Reduced manpower

  • Increased lifetime of tools

  • Diminished risk of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  • Diminished risk of damaged equipment

What do we need to see in order to quote a fixture or multiple riveting system?

  1. Drawings of parts to be riveted showing rivet pattern, rivet levels, clearance space around rivets,and all pertinent dimensions.
  2. Samples of rivets and parts to be fastened.
  3. Rivet Specifications-body and mandrel material.
  4. A description of your desired operating cycle for the control circuit design.
  5. Available air pressure.


Tooling fixture

This is a fixture we built to accommodate a left-side, right-side blind rivet application. Originally when our customer called they wanted us to build a two-fixture system; but our tooling consultant, working through the tooling manufacturer, assisted in providing a lower cost solution.


Call Marshall Sales today to explore how we can help you meet all of your project needs. You can also send us a fax or use our online Request a Quote form, and we’ll get back to you with a cost estimate ASAP.


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