Clips, Clamps, Collars, Couplings, and Plugs

Marshall Sales proudly supplies parts from Rotor Clip/Rotor Clamp including snap rings, retaining rings, section rings, hose clamps, and installation tools from this premier domestic manufacturer.

We also offer collars from Ruland Manufacturing, the worldwide leader since 1937. Ruland Manufacturing supplies the finest shaft collars, set screw collars, beam couplings, rigid couplings, oldham couplings, disc couplings, jaw couplings, and bellows couplings.

Look to us too for plugs, finishing products, high-temperature masking, pipe and flange protection, hose protection, bundling, securing, cable ties, and electrical and electronics protection – all from Alliance Plastics.

Call Marshall Sales today to explore how we can help you meet all of your project needs. You can also send us a fax or use our online Request a Quote form, and we’ll get back to you with a cost estimate ASAP.


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