Terms and Conditions

Seller warrants all products sold shall be free from defects in workmanship and material.  Defective goods will be replaced at the Seller’s expense and this shall be the limit of Seller’s liability.  All orders are accepted with the understanding that they are not subject to cancellation nor deferment of shipment when ready and this company shall not be responsible for delays or non-performance caused by strikes, fires or other causes beyond our control.  Pricing valid for 60 days unless otherwise noted.

All orders for special parts made to customer’s specifications will be accepted with the understanding that the customer will defend at his own expense every suit which shall be brought against Marshall Sales by reason of the manufacture and sale of such parts.

Where minimum fab quantity is specified, buyer blanket order will be accepted only with the understanding that the minimum fab quantity is an absolute buyer responsibly to be accepted for delivery within no more than a six month period from the initial shipment.

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